New Website!

I’ve been in Vancouver, BC since Sunday visiting with my long time friend and webmaster or webcreator or webcaretaker!  It was time for a change and for the ability to update my own website.  So with this version, I have added more pictures (as many requested) and I’ve put some videos that hopefully will be easy to review.  It has been a working 5 days, so don’t ask how the tango was!!  Although, I did eat some lovely seafood, enjoyed seeing green trees, traveling by boat to Granville, seeing a seal hanging out, and doing some great walking in the fantastic weather!!

I envision accesstango growing more in the next year as more opportunities present themselves and this site will help to carry me forward.

And, as always I appreciate the feedback and support of my “fan base”.

You can keep track of my classes and intensives through this site.  Hope you enjoy it!