So I have finally put my ideas into play and started a course in the community at a really lovely studio in Scottsdale. It is right in the heart of the galleries in Old Town and it is all windows on the north side – not too big not too small. I really like the space.

The idea has been to translate what I see works (and doesn’t) in teaching this dance at the University and Community Colleges to the community. And managing all phases of a business is always a challenge: the marketing, the printing, fliers, payments, etc.

It would be a dream to have a student or someone interested in Tango who understands my methods to come along and say, “I can help you”.  So, I keep putting that idea out there!

So far, we are at the end of week 2, it has started slowly.  My loyal assistants, that I have hired to help out have been amazing and SUPER helpful.  I love this idea and I really want to continue to make use of my students who have a grasp of the concepts and how I teach.  And of course without burning them out!

The Practica, I think will grow.  We have made friends at SuVino Winery behind the studio – they make their own wine on site, and they have a wood floor!!!!  They have agreed to offer a 15% discount to those who come in and mention Argentine Tango to them. There is also this nice open outdoor space in front of SuVino that we will have to invade once our weather gets back to normal.

So I hope that from this little space I can grown more students  – more enthusiastic dedicated students who want to share in this fantastic dance.