Back In Phoenix

So the summer camps finished and pretty uneventfully, I might add.  The students – some of them – showed up for a very chaotic, disorganized performance on a Friday afternoon at 6pm.  Good for rush hour traffic.  It was still very exciting to see them pull through with what they had learned over the 6 weeks.  I am not sure how they felt about it but I know I was proud of them.
Summer Camps DC 1Summer Camps - Performance

Here’s a picture of Jamaal, my partner/colleague in crime for these camps, discussing a video that they just saw of tango dancers with 1 of the  camps (Emery).

I actually like the blurry picture.  They look like they are dancing tango!!!  This is on the performance afternoon, on the stage, this is 1 of the ‘dance camps’ (Harry Thomas) doing their tango thing.  I am on the stage in the wings taking this picture….

I learned a handful of things from this camp experience.  And like most things, I know how we could make it better next time. 

I like the idea behind teaching Tango to high schoolers.  Argentine Tango itself, offers its’ participants many things.  We don’t just learn a dance form, get exposed to different “old” music, but also learn patience, how to negotiate, trust and a handful of other useful life tools!