Blog Dedication

For me a New Year never really started in January, for me time was always marked by the beginning of a school year, September. So I guess it’s appropriate that I have been inspired to start this writing journey this month.

Rolling around a dozen plus topics to write about I thought the best place to start would be with a dedication to this man –

My dad.

I am definitely a daddy’s girl and this year my father will turn 70 years young. He was born in the Patagonia region/ province of Argentina. A few years ago I was lucky to join him and my mother on a journey down memory lane. His memories, his very young childhood in this very desolate area of Argentina.

While we were there we visited with distant relatives to exchange information for a very large extensive Family Tree that he had been researching and organizing. Stories, names, dates, gossip all relating to the Borgialli’s and some to tango.

We learned that my grandfather, who passed away when I was very young and before I met him, was a milonguero. He enjoyed the milongas. I have heard stories that my grandfather had hoped that I, as the first grandchild, would share his birthday and I almost did, but I decided to arrive the day before!

Dad often tells me that I remind him of his father in certain gestures. Since I’m the only one in the Borgialli family who currently dances Argentine Tango we wonder if it was genetics or maybe some magic from my abuelo.

Who would have thought that my life’s journey would take me back to my ancestor’s roots.

Here’s to Argentine Tango! Its music, its song, its stories, the dance, its journey through time and geography.

Gracias daddy y abuelo………..