2nd Place Champions at the USA Argentine Tango Salon Competition

Daniela and Rommel with 2nd Place trophy

I am happy to announce that Rommel Oramas and I took second place at the USA Argentine Tango Salon Competition in San Francisco this last weekend.

Below are videos from our final day of competition. Each round has 3 songs and thus 3 video links below. Each video shows the finalists that were in Round 1 of the competition. We were #14.




We were finalists last year and placed 5th. Ramada and Yumiko were 2nd then and were clearly in favor to win this year and they did. Rommel and I have enjoyed are experiences at the competition. We have met such nice people both years and we do feel a shared camaraderie and sense of community regardless of the competition. I believe that it is this way because of the size of the competition, which is still quite small. I know that the organizers hope that it will grow over the coming years. Their goal is to have a representative from every state compete.

Rommel and I put all of our focus towards the competition for several months. This included training with several teachers, practicing together, listening to and dancing to a wide range of musical choices, and for me, my gyrotonics classes.

Now the question hangs in the air as to whether Rommel and I will go to Buenos Aires for the World Championships in August. I will keep you posted. What do you think?

Thank you all who read for your continued support.

My facebook has received over 100 likes and comments and the support is very much appreciated.