2 Fast Days

Number 87I can’t believe that we finished the qualifying rounds. It all happened so fast!

Monday it all began and because it was also a holiday in Buenos Aires, the Centro de Exposiciones, where it transpired, was filled with people. There was a lot of waiting around and we danced, finally, 1.5 hours later than scheduled! But we danced. We recognized our 4 judges and the 3 songs they played. They played 2 Di Sarli’s and a Calo with Beron as the singer. Rommel was looking forward to really showing off his rhythmic side to a D’Arienzo but we had to settle for a middle ground.

Today things ran more smoothly. We danced to Di Sarli, Rodriguez, and Pugliese. As we arrived, Graciela told us right away to be more energized, that the couples she had seen so far had all been attempting to dance correctly and she wanted us to be expressive. I only knew 1 of the judges in this round. We danced our Maestra con Estudiantesbest.

Tonight they announce those couples who will go to the semi-finals on Friday. We wait to find out.

I think we did well. I would like to have the opportunity to dance at the semi-finals so we have to wait and see. It will be posted on the website by tomorrow at noon.

Fuzzy Monday Ronda


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