Los Abrazos – The Hugs

As I am feverishly preparing for my upcoming TEDx talk on November 11th. Who would have thought it could be so stressful to talk about Daniela & Sedona Brucesomething I do every day and have been doing for more than 10 years? How do you explain the magic and the transformative nature of Argentine Tango to someone who has no clue what tango is or maybe not even understand what dance is?

I have been going through the recesses of my mind digging up my own personal tango history. Recalling stories that have been told to me about how other people’s lives have changed for tango or because of tango. So many corporate jobs have been left, apartments have been bought in Buenos Aires, books written, loves lost and won, all because of tango.

So as I keep writing I came across an article about how hugging women can help lower their blood pressure and therefore possibly reduce their risk of heart disease. Women showed a higher response to hugging than men. The body is known to release oxytocin, known as the bonding hormone, and with hugging, cortisol (stress hormone) levels were reduced as well. And you know where this is going…..

No wonder so many of us get blissed out from dancing tango. All that hugging! In the study the hugging lasted only 20 seconds. What ecstasy that in tango we hug at least for 3 minutes!

Tyler and DanielaI look forward to lots of hugging this weekend at the Beginner’s Milonga on Sunday night 6:30pm hugging and connecting class! and 7:30pm social dancing.
Rhythmic Expressions 617 S. McClintock Dr. Ste 3, Tempe, AZ

(Just north of University on the East side of McClintock)

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