Holiday Greeting!

We were told by many that 2012 would be a year of change and maybe even unpredictability. I think it definitely was for me. I know my dancing has changed, my training changed, my teaching changed and many aspects of my life have changed. But I have always looked at change as a good thing and I see how all those changes affect and create more possibilities.

With my goal to continue building the tango community and to create great dancers who have fun dancing and are fun to dance with, I see the addition of the Beginner’s Milonga as fantastic means to that end. Taking over the Practica on Tuesday nights has been exciting for me as I have begun a program of tango drills for dancers to have some time to be in their own bodies exploring movement and posture before connecting with another person to work out a paso, a step or dance sequence. I would still like to see the Practica grow as a place of true exploration, creativity and real practice for the community. I have scheduled several weekends from January to May for intensive workshops that will be opportunities for further immersion into the technique and deliciousness of this dance.

I feel very honored and blessed to be supported by so many great people. I am grateful to the beauty and depth of the Argentine Tango for being a great teacher in itself: revelatory and always truthful.

May 2013 be filled with fun tandas and love.

In gratitude and peace,

Daniela Borgialli



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