Day 1 Argentine Tango Salon Championships SF

It was a great first day of rondas at the US Argentine Tango Salon Championships in San Francisco. There are 31 couples competing in Tango Salon and 9 in Stage this year. There are 4 couples representing Arizona! There is a link for the streaming event at: Apparently the deal is that it’s all reruns until Sunday, when they’ll recap Thurs-Sat. and then Sunday’s finals are live starting at 7pm. $15 if you use the coupon ATUSA5OFF.

US Tango Salon Day 1Tyler Litman and Inja Vojnovic were in ronda #1 and were couple #007. Our very own James Bond of tango!!! Rommel and I were in ronda #3 and were couple #019.
Everyone advances to tomorrow night  – Friday – after which they will begin to eliminate.

See Rommel and I performing in the first round below.


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