The Time has Come

Dear Community and Friends,

Teaching at ASUI have seen students come and go and sometimes it’s time for the teacher to move on too. Now is that time for me. The Time has Come. For those who don’t want to read on, I share with you that I will be leaving Arizona on December 16th until March 1st after which I can be found in Europe!

It’s interesting to reflect on my time here. I returned to AZ in 2003 with a plan to build my teaching resume as a modern dance teacher. I had a huge student loan and was working as an exec asst in NYC for a large international branding firm. I was barely dancing. So I thought a return to where I had received my masters would find me work and be a training ground for more experience. What I soon found out was that another modern dance teacher was not really what anyone was looking for but the fact that I knew Argentine Tango turned out to be interesting to the local community colleges. I had taught some classes in NYC and had some ideas on how to approach teaching the dance. So the idea was to be in AZ to teach and then return to NYC to pursue my dream career as a working modern dancer /choreographer.

My return to AZ had me headed in a different direction – clearly. And it was a rocky start – I was working boring desk jobs and teaching a little Argentine Tango. Fast forward – 2 years later I found myself teaching fulltime: all kinds of classes. Shortly thereafter ASU’s Argentine Tango teacher position opened and, of course, I took it.

Fast forward now 9 more years (for a total of 11) I have taught about 20 semesters of tango, more than 1000 students plus several handfuls of community members have all passed through or started tango with me.

It has been a journey I could not have predicted. I am grateful to all who have crossed my path and have shared this adventure. Argentine Tango has been a tremendous vehicle for growth not just in terms of the initial goal of expanding my teaching experience but it has shown me the magic of humanity; how powerful the mirror is; and that life is truly about energy – you get what you give – in simplest terms.

An artist’s path is never straight (or at least I have not known one to be). In order to continue to grow, to be inspired, to create more, the road must continue its course no matter how bumpy or winding.

It has been an honor to share what I know and understand of this beautiful dance and its culture.

I am so grateful to everyone I have met on this path so far – thanks for helping me grow. Thank you for allowing me to share and for sharing with me.

I have 1 wish for this Phoenix area tango community. I know almost every one of you individually and think all of you are wonderful people and it is never expected that you will all be friends but I would hope that you will see as a collective that kindness never hurts. You will need to be generous, kind, and open to everyone for growth to happen.

My web and blog will remain open as will my Facebook account. Please stay in touch and be sure to subscribe to the blog (on the right side) to find out where I will be or what you can do for a healthy body. My Tango workbook should also be finished soon…

There will be a festive departure Milonga on Friday December 12 – So save the date! and Stop by!

In grace and gratitude

Many abrazos to you all

And PS  – If you need a mirror (or 2), furniture, a king bed, a full futon, dishes, file cabinet – please let me know. It’s all going!






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