Belgian Marathon and Videos in Budapest

Belgium PierA Belgian Marathon and 3 Performance Videos from Budapest

I just returned from a lovely weekend in Belgium at a marathon on the coast on a Pier in Blackenberge. A rather small marathon (as they usually are) with about 200 in attendance.The dancing level was quite mixed but I think this is the way these marathons are for the most part. I have been told of marathons where the level of dancing is quite high. I wonder what that would be like!!!!

I also had the opportunity to have a quick snapshot tour of Brugge. Oh My Loveliness! This is a place I must return to. It was quaint and romantic and filled with roaming tourists but otherwise, there was splendid and beautiful buildings to look at and cobble stoned streets to wander through and the canals…  and of course, chocolate. We arrived on the bus arranged by the organizers of the weekend marathon and immediately the smell of sugar and chocolate filled our heads!

I ran into some friends from other marathons and places in Europe, such as Daniela and Anya from Berlin and Agi from Poland (living in England). And I made some new friends, starting with my lovely Italian roommate, Irene. This marathon had many Italians in attendance and I enjoyed hanging out with them and laughing a lot! My Italian-ness feeling very at home listening to them talk and laugh!  I had some great tandas of course! And fantastic food. What a spread! These marathons really often have lovely food – so far, anyway. I have been told that some of them do not have splendid food. This El AbrazodelMar was another fun marathon for me! I am glad I picked it. Not sure why I did but I did and it was a great interruption to the rhythm in Budapest.

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As the holidays are fast approaching, decorations and markets are everywhere. I actually really love to see the lights. Budapest has street light decorations and a vast outdoor market. You can get mulled wine everywhere! Brugge was decorated too! I love the lights! I was in a shopping mall close to me here in Budapest and heard American Christmas music playing and had to laugh out loud! Almost made me cringe a little too!

I had the opportunity to perform at a Saturday milonga in Budapest after I shared some tango to a room full of quiet locals! I have posted the 3 songs here. János and I did not practice at all prior to this performance – so it truly is an improvisation! (And I apologize if you have seen multiple versions as I completely switched 2 letters of János’ last name and had to re-edit the video! I will really remember his last name now!)

I will be in Budapest until December 18th and then I will be off again…..


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  1. Robert 2015-12-17 at 03:15

    Maestra of maestras,

    I miss you already,

    The biggest Hungarian fan and student


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