Lovely Portugal

Wow! my dear readers! I spent a lovely week in Portugal and am intoxicated by the experience so much so that I want to return!
There was some tango as most of my visits to places are created through tango connections, so this one was no different. And yet, so different!!!
Maybe it was the sunshine, maybe it was the delicious coffee (to this barely-ever-drinks-coffee person), maybe it was the hills and the streets, and the smell and the food and the friendly people? I just don’t know but it all left me buzzing for more.
I taught 2 lovely classes in Porto to generous and patient students.
I, who do not have a sweet tooth (no gluten or dairy for this lady), fell in love with Pudim S. Bernardo: like rays of sunshine they called to me – egg yolks and sugar – heaven, a total foodgasm! Who knew!!!
I danced at several milongas and met a colleague and tango organizer who had recommended a student to me in Arizona!! So the internet does work, Adam recommended me back in September 2006!!!! And we finally met and danced a few tandas!!!
I do have one tango reminder – don’t assume a position and dance from there, you are dynamic beings – let your embrace create your space, let your embrace determine your position!

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  1. Pati Whelan 2017-05-25 at 22:22

    Beautiful picture of you!..really reflects your essence. Alan and I send “hugs”…We both
    miss seeing your warm smile, (Sophi)

  2. daniela 2017-05-27 at 20:30

    Thank you!!!!! so nice to hear from you! hugs to the both of you!

  3. daniela 2017-07-14 at 17:05

    Thank you!!! Warmest hugs to you and Alan!!!

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