Happy New Year Greeting 2018!

Hello Everyone! For all of you who are not on Facebook and did not catch my New Year’s greeting – here I am! Reaching out to you from chilly Austin, TX. Brrrrrr!!!!

My New Year’s challenge is to do more videos!!! (do I say this every year?) So be sure to connect to my Youtube channel as well – (and I’m still learning how to work that !)

I wish everyone a Happy wonderful prosperous 2018 blessed with all that is inspiring and desired. Thank you to everyone who continues to show me support through reading my blogs, taking classes, etc. THANK YOU!

I really see 2018 as bringing more attention back to the couple connection in tango. Connection and embrace have always been my soapbox but this year MORE!

IF YOU HAVE A TOPIC or CONCEPT or IDEA that you would like me to share via video I am taking suggestions. PLEASE send me yours! And if I use your suggestion I will offer you…….. I’ll think of something!



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