About Access Tango:
It is your gateway to learning the most sought after dance, the Argentine Tango. Access Tango is lead by Daniela S. Borgialli – an Argentine Tango teacher/educator, dancer, performer, choreographer.

Access Tango was created to support the universal phenomenon that is Argentine Tango, through authentic classes, workshops, and tours because Argentine Tango is accessible to all who want to dance.

My mission is to:

    • provide high quality authentic Argentine Tango instruction by creating a fun, safe, and respectful learning environment
    • equip dancers with their own tango toolbox to embrace dancing socially
    • empower students to grow in their own abilities
    • create and encourage community and a sense of belonging

The Blog shares my experiences, my opinions, my thoughts on this dance and the many aspects that accompany being immersed in it: the social aspects, the etiquette, the shoes, the travel, the festivals, my students, beautiful dances, how the body works in tango, and more.

May the Argentine Tango enrapture you!