About Daniela Borgialli

About Daniela S. Borgialli

Daniela Borgialli's Argentine Roots
My father (Carlos G. Borgialli) was born in Patagonia, Argentina as was my grandfather (Raul Borgialli). Raul Borgialli enjoyed dancing Tango and met my grandmother at a milonga during Carnival. My great-grandfather (Carlos Pietro Angelo Borgialli) was an Italian immigrant from Favria, near Turin, who settled in Patagonia in the late 1890’s. As a writer he wrote and published many articles regarding Patagonia’s heroes and early settlers. There is a street and Museum in Puerto Santa Cruz named after him, El Museo Regional Carlos Borgialli. He married (Guillermina Rodriguez) a descendant of General Martin Rodriguez, a prominent figure in the early years of Argentinian Independence. Pietro Rubione was a cousin of my abuelo (grandfather) Raul Borgialli, who composed and wrote the music for several movies. Musician and orchestra leader, Horacia Salgan as well as Beba Pulgiese (daughter of Osvaldo Pugliese) were both students of his.

Daniela Borgialli has over 30 years of dance experience. She, like many young girls, studied ballet, jazz and contemporary dance. She dabbled in square dancing while living in NH and studied Morris dancing with Professor Anthony Barrand while at Boston University.
Always a lover of music, she was a classically trained pianist for more than 10 years as a child before dance took over as her new first love.
She discovered Argentine tango Daniela Borgialli in Gyor Hungarywhile receiving her Master’s degree in Dance and Choreography. She taught Argentine Tango at Arizona State University for 11 years, where more than 1500 students took her classes. After 20 years of dancing Argentine tango she still enjoys the passion and connections that the dance offers. She has trained in all styles and believes that technique is essential no matter what style you want to dance. Her approach to teaching combines her knowledge and training of body biomechanics and dance to create a clear understanding of the intricacies of the Argentine Tango.

In May 2016, she was recognized with a certificate from her grande Maestra, Graciela González, enabling her to implement the “Método Graciela González”, in her tango classes.

She taught Argentine Tango at Arizona State University for 11 years. As many as 80 students from all disciplines enrolled in her courses each semester for academic credit towards their majors.

Daniela Borgialli was the only full-time Argentine Tango instructor in the Phoenix area who held a Masters of Fine Arts degree in Dance and Choreography.

In 2015 she finished writing The Tango Workbook First Edition: designed as a textbook for students of Argentine Tango. It contains information that supports the beginning student, based on her years of teaching Argentine Tango at the University level.

Daniela Borgialli and Rommel Oramas 2012 Tango ChampionshipsIn 2012 she and her partner, Rommel Oramas, placed #2 in the U.S Argentine Tango Salon competition and #3 in the N.Y Tango Salon Competition in 2013. She participated in two Mundials de Tango en Buenos Aires, training extensively in Buenos Aires and in the US. 

Visiting Buenos Aires frequently for professional development, Daniela also conducted Immersion Tours from 2007-2010.

She has studied with many great maestros of varied styles but she has been greatly influenced by her training with the legendary Graciela González. In 2014 and 2015 she trained extensively with the 2013 World Champions of Tango Salon, Maximiliano Cristiani and Jesica Arfenoni and felt greatly empowered by the experience, as they contributed largely to another layer of understanding this dance form.

She is a Nutritious Movement ™certified Restorative Exercise Specialist Daniela Borgialli Smiling!and Healthy Foot practitioner, also offering courses in this body awareness and life changing alignment modality at her website for alignment @ My Alignment Practice.

She was a member of the Arizona Teaching Artists Roster from 2008 – 2015.

Daniela speaks Spanish, French, and English.

In 2012 she spoke about the Transformative Nature of Argentine Tango at a local TEDxParadise Valley

She is an internationally recognized teacher having taught workshops not only throughout Arizona but also in San Diego, CA; Charleston, SC; Washington DC; Las Cruces and Albuquerque, NM; Minneapolis, MN; Ann Arbor, MI; Anchorage, AK; El Paso, Austin, and Houston, TX; Germany, and several other European cities, as well as assisting classes in Buenos Aires.

She was living and teaching in Berlin from 2015 – 2017.