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How to Hug a Giant in the Living Room Session 2

Daniela and SarahI can’t tell you how much I am loving these Living Room Sessions! The last one we embraced (!) was all about the abrazo but from a biomechanical and energetic perspective. How do we hug a giant? As with all the Living Room Sessions, my goal is not to tell you how to do “it” but to give you the tools and body knowledge to increase your own tool box to improve what you want to intelligently.

We moved along a voluminous framework that included exercises in expansion through breath; we took a brief look at the anatomy of the shoulder girdle, all those moving parts, and into some exercises to open up and increase attention to this area; I shared concepts from my wise Maestra Graciela about putting awareness into our hands; and finally embracing with our new found tools. When we increase our breadth of knowledge and realize how expansive and profoundly we can embrace it builds our confidence and changes our dancing too.

I think there is a bit of fear in our embraces. We don’t want to be too hard, too soft, too heavy, too light, too one sided, too grabby, too not enough… Sometimes we see an embrace we like and we try to copy it, hoping that it will give us the desired results. In a small setting like these Living Room Sessions, there is time to hear thoughts and to share experiences as well as to explore ideas of what might work better or feel better. And then with tools based more in your anatomy you can take them into “the field” and try them out dancing.Susanne and Veronica hug

Thank you to all the ladies who came to share this experience. Thank you for being open and for sharing this time with me. Thanks Susanne! We are planning the next session.

In the meantime:
7-9 October 2016 Tangueras: leading following dancing
Join Daniela Feilcke-Wolff and me for a fun intensive 12 hour all women’s dancing weekend + Women’s milonga in Berlin.

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The First Living Room Sessions

The goal of The Living Room Sessions is to share information on many tango topics to a small intimate group of interested dancers. The first Living Room Sessions topic was about our Feet. Susanne made us gifts of sage salt scrubs for our feet (lovely!) and we snacked on apples and helva! The objective, as I explained to everyone, was to help dancers become better informed about their feet and this included information about the (negative) effects of wearing high-heeled shoes.

Daniela talks about feetI started the session with some basic anatomical information and pictures of our feet. We did some exercises and aligned our feet looking at each of our feet and legs individually. We also stretched and massaged our feet giving them some much needed attention. It was nice that everyone was open to sharing their “Foot autobiography”. I enjoyed looking at everyone’s shoes and having them explain how they felt about their tango shoes. Clearly, sometimes loving the cute painful pair but end up wearing the one or two pairs that are most comfortable.

Some take-aways from the evening:
1) the arch is a muscular construct and therefore, will be affected by muscular contraction
2) there are as many nerves in the sole of the foot as in your face: 1/4 of all motor nerves (of the whole body) are dedicated to your feet
3) from barefoot to 5cm heeled shoe the pressure increases on the forefoot about 65% and then adding another 2.5 cm to that heel (so 7.5cm) you increase the pressure on the forefoot ANOTHER 30%. And why is this bad? because there are 26 bones in your feet and the biggest bone of the foot is the heel, where the bulk of your weight is meant to reside. So if Daniela About the Feetyou’re increasing the pressure in your forefoot, all those little bones are getting the bulk of that weight. Ouch!

So when you are not in your heels what will you do for your feet to honor them?  Stretch, massage, go barefoot, go for a walk (not in your heels!), grab a tennis ball, a golf ball, and a dozen other recommended ideas that we shared!

Thank you everyone for joining me!

The next one 30, September: How to hug the giant (no matter what size they are).  In this Session we will look at the shoulder girdle and the arms, the ribs too,  anatomically and biomechanically. We will do exercises and of course, hug. As always, I am not necessarily here to change your mind, I just want you to be a more informed dancer! Open to both roles. Remember to RSVP.

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Some Announcements

There are some brief announcements I’d like to share, nothing earth shattering to report, yet!

I spent a little more than a month substitute teaching at a studio in Berlin. I was lucky to have some German friends to help with translation as needed. We covered all sorts of topics including: milonga, boleos, paradas. We also did some general technique and dancing in small spaces close together! It was a lovely opportunity to continue to meet more dancers in Berlin. Although classes were small I think this was nice for them!
I have some spare time again with no teaching happening in Berlin so I thought I’d take the time to visit with friends both in France and in Belgium. I am happy to reunite with a friend I met during my year abroad in Rennes many many years ago now. She has a lovely family of 3 with her husband and lives with this marvelous view from her home on the Brittany coast.

I was contacted by 2 lovely women to teach some classes in Brest and am looking forward to that this evening and on Thursday!

I will then be back in Paris for a few days and then off to Brussels for more friend time and tango networking.
The weather has been mostly rainy, the sun came out just long enough for me to take a walk along the coast and capture that picture! I will be back in Berlin in mid-July and happy to be teaching with Raimund Schlie again in the Summer program at Mala Junta studio Berlin.

Sharon at MijanasAnd Phoenix students/dancers, if you haven’t heard already, Sharon Alworth, is teaching Tango on Thursday nights prior to Milonga Mijana. She has a fun approach to teaching tango and is aiming to make Mijana a friendly milonga to attend! She often teaches with my former student, Bob Zeller, so go and enjoy their enthusiasm!

More pictures coming! In the meantime, thanks as always for following my blog!


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Classes in May

I will be substitute teaching at TangoLoft Berlin in May while Lilia and Jens Christian are away.

The Classes in May schedule looks like this:

Saturday 7, Mai  – 1800 – 1900 Introduction / Beginners
1900 – 2000 – Open Level Course
2000 – 2100 Practica
Wednesday 11, Mai  – 1900 – 2030 Advanced
2030 – 2200 Intermediate
Wednesday 18, Mai – 1900 – 2030 Advanced
2030 – 2200 Intermediate
Saturday 21, Mai  -1800 – 1900 Introduction / Beginners
1900 – 2000 – Open Level Course
2000 – 2100 Practica
Wednesday 25, Mai  – 1900 – 2030 Advanced
2030 – 2200 Intermediate
Saturday 28, Mai  -1800 – 1900 Introduction / Beginners
1900 – 2000 – Open Level Course
2000 – 2100 Practica
Monday 30, Mai  – 1900 – 2030 Intermediate
2030 – 2200 Beginners

Course fees for tango lessons in TangoloftDaniela Teaching Classes in May

Individual lessons: 10, – / reduced 8.
10 value card (10 times): 80, –
Practica 5, – including the milonga: 9, –

Classes will be conducted in English and when possible I will have a German speaking assistant to help me with translation.

Any questions please or private lesson bookings, send me a message or also find me on FB @accesstango

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October 2015 Workshops in Arizona

I just came back from a beautiful week in Budapest! It was hot and it was such a picturesque city. I coulBudapest 1d not believe how much of it reminded me of Buenos Aires. No wonder they used it as a backdrop for the Madonna version of Evita! I had the pleasure of being the Master of Ceremonies of  their El Sabor de Hungria Festival! I wandered the city aimlessly, took a sunset boat tour on the Danube, and took A LOT of pictures.

With that being said, I am one month away from returning to Phoenix for a week! So please be sure to connect with. I am really looking forward to it, as it appears that autumn is just around the corner here in Berlin! (60 F already here! Burr!)

Workshops in AZ and Hosting the Tuesday night Practica (like old times!)

Join me for Workshops in Scottsdale, AZ on October 10th & 11th

SATURDAY is for BEG/INT Dancers
3:30 – 5:00 Technique & clarification of tango concepts to improve understanding for social dancing
5:00 – 6:30 Taking what we practiced in the previous class we will expand it with more vocabulary for social dancing

SUNDAY is for INT/ADV Dancers

3:30 – 5:00 Technique: walking, embrace, axis, posture, presence and Tango attitude
5:00 – 6:30 Advanced Phrases and musicality for Social Dancing

All classes are at SNAP 4425 N. Granite Reef Rd Scottsdale, AZ
$35 for 2 classes or $20 / individual class

PLEABudapest At NightSE RSVP and consider bringing your favorite dance partner.

Although I am in Berlin until September 30th, you can leave a message or text on my google voice number: 
480-442-9550 or send an RSVP MESSAGE EMAIL TO ME

I will also be available for a limited number of
(Currently there is availability on Friday October 9th between 3:30pm- 6:30pm at SNAP and other times please contact me directly to arrange).

I will host the Tuesday night Practica on Tuesday October 13th also @SNAP.

And FYI, I am also working on hosting a milonga! SO stay tuned for all that information! But it will be a great weekend for dancing!



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