Reflections on Tango


It has been 2 weeks since I left Arizona. I have been visiting with my parents, sharing alignment tips with them, and working feverishly on my Car in TexasTango Workbook for the upcoming tango newbies who will be enrolled at ASU. I have been going through old boxes that my parents had stored as well as registering my car in the state of Texas. It has been a busy couple of weeks and the weather has been as emotional as I have been!

In preparing to Welcome 2015, it has been fun to come across new ways to bring in the New Year by goal setting and making resolutions.

3 of my favorite:

1) From David Wolfe: get colored slips of paper and write 20+ goals for the new year in a jar and put the jar away. Open them at the end of 2015 and see what magic you created.
2) From Liz Gilbert: almost like a vision board but more of a mood board. Cut out colors and textures that you want for yourself in 2015 and create a collage. Takes some of the stress off the vision board thing!
3) Forget the resolutions, make a list of those things you are most grateful for, wonderful things that happened to you in 2014, go for at least 10. The End.
What will you do to prepare a great new blank set of 365 days?

Have a Happy New Year!

And a gift to you: the following video from my Ladies Technique Class summary that I did in ABQ after 6 hours of private coaching. Of course, the material has been pieced together from all of my great teachers. I thank them.

See you at the end of February 2015 in Phoenix.

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Happy Holidays Everyone!Christmas Cactus 2014
I made it to Austin, TX after a whirlwind of excitement in Albuquerque, NM where I made a short, but well received presentation on Alignment vs Posture in Tango to 25 or so members of the Tango Club of Albuquerque. Thank you ABQ: Gail, Richard, Kipp, Cynthia, Risa, Daniel, & Michelle. My alignment geeks will be so happy to know that I introduced more folks to the joy of “Toe Sox”! I danced a short time there then rushed to Santa Fe to dance with friends there and then taught some more the following day! Followed by a road trip to Austin with my dear dad! About 11oo miles in my little blue car!

I saw a lot of Texas! And had plenty of time to think and reflect on my intense year and all the wonderful students who have blessed my path. The student learns, the teacher learns, their successes are mine. I love what I do. I was overwhelmed with the outpouring of emotions that others showed me and that I too felt prior to leaving. I think I am still transitioning and laying the groundwork for my new year and new travels. Thanks to all for your support. And to Rommel Oramas, my partner for the last 10 years or so!

So with this I wish my dear community the best holiday season ever. You have all inspired me in so many ways and I thank you. I wish you a new year of happiness, health, and great dances.

Many blessings to you all and remember THERE’S STILL CLASS & PRACTICA ON TUESDAY NIGHTS with Rommel until the end of January.

I look forward to seeing those of you in Phoenix for a workshop in February.


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The Time has Come

Dear Community and Friends,

Teaching at ASUI have seen students come and go and sometimes it’s time for the teacher to move on too. Now is that time for me. The Time has Come. For those who don’t want to read on, I share with you that I will be leaving Arizona on December 16th until March 1st after which I can be found in Europe!

It’s interesting to reflect on my time here. I returned to AZ in 2003 with a plan to build my teaching resume as a modern dance teacher. I had a huge student loan and was working as an exec asst in NYC for a large international branding firm. I was barely dancing. So I thought a return to where I had received my masters would find me work and be a training ground for more experience. What I soon found out was that another modern dance teacher was not really what anyone was looking for but the fact that I knew Argentine Tango turned out to be interesting to the local community colleges. I had taught some classes in NYC and had some ideas on how to approach teaching the dance. So the idea was to be in AZ to teach and then return to NYC to pursue my dream career as a working modern dancer /choreographer.

My return to AZ had me headed in a different direction – clearly. And it was a rocky start – I was working boring desk jobs and teaching a little Argentine Tango. Fast forward – 2 years later I found myself teaching fulltime: all kinds of classes. Shortly thereafter ASU’s Argentine Tango teacher position opened and, of course, I took it.

Fast forward now 9 more years (for a total of 11) I have taught about 20 semesters of tango, more than 1000 students plus several handfuls of community members have all passed through or started tango with me.

It has been a journey I could not have predicted. I am grateful to all who have crossed my path and have shared this adventure. Argentine Tango has been a tremendous vehicle for growth not just in terms of the initial goal of expanding my teaching experience but it has shown me the magic of humanity; how powerful the mirror is; and that life is truly about energy – you get what you give – in simplest terms.

An artist’s path is never straight (or at least I have not known one to be). In order to continue to grow, to be inspired, to create more, the road must continue its course no matter how bumpy or winding.

It has been an honor to share what I know and understand of this beautiful dance and its culture.

I am so grateful to everyone I have met on this path so far – thanks for helping me grow. Thank you for allowing me to share and for sharing with me.

I have 1 wish for this Phoenix area tango community. I know almost every one of you individually and think all of you are wonderful people and it is never expected that you will all be friends but I would hope that you will see as a collective that kindness never hurts. You will need to be generous, kind, and open to everyone for growth to happen.

My web and blog will remain open as will my Facebook account. Please stay in touch and be sure to subscribe to the blog (on the right side) to find out where I will be or what you can do for a healthy body. My Tango workbook should also be finished soon…

There will be a festive departure Milonga on Friday December 12 – So save the date! and Stop by!

In grace and gratitude

Many abrazos to you all

And PS  – If you need a mirror (or 2), furniture, a king bed, a full futon, dishes, file cabinet – please let me know. It’s all going!






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The Cake Offering!

This is a story about a young beginner tango dancer. A student from another country enjoying his graduate studies and some tango and incidentally an excellent racquetball player. He had only been studying tango for about 2 months. So maybe he had taken 30 hours of tango by the time he excitedly made the decision to attend his first festival. Excited and nervous but eager to continue his learning of this fascinating dance he signed up and went. He spent several hours at his first milonga watching and dancing with several of his mates, who had also taken the brave endeavor of attending their first festival. Then he got the courage to ask another dancer, a stranger, a beautiful stranger, to dance. She immediately embraced him closely and within minutes, she left him on the dance floor.
I hear your gasps!
He knew from his teacher and from more experienced classmates about tango etiquette, and he knew that this was not a good thing, being “thank you’d” and left on the dance floor. He felt badly. A little time went by and cakes Cake Slicewere served at this milonga. So he went to get a piece of cake and found this woman and brought it to her. He wanted to know what he had done wrong? She thanked him for the cake and he asked her directly what he could do to improve his dancing. She offered him a simple piece of advice, “stay in line of dance”.
His spirit was a little broken from the incident especially because he had been so enthusiastic about learning to tango. He knew about staying in the line of dance and he confesses that having a complete stranger in his arms was overwhelming at best.
BUT I thought the gesture of bringing the woman cake was an excellent and mature way to apologize and to show reverence to the dance and to the dancer.

How can we continue to be kind in this dance? What is your offering?

Happy Weekend!

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Technique with Maxi and Jesica Friday

As you probably are aware, Maximiliano Cristiani and Jesica Arfenoni are back in town for workshops, private lessons and performances. We have created a schedule of classes that is progressive in nature starting with a Leader and Followers Technique class on Friday night. No partner necessary just a desire to work on yourself. Maxi & Jess 4

Friday 8:00pm – 9:30pm Followed by an informal practica: a chance to just dance and to ask Maxi and Jesica questions.

Why take a technique class? Let alone focused only on myself for a couples dance?
I think this is a good question.
Technique is a fundamental basic part of your dance. Like a building, if this isn’t well established you will not be as sturdy. How many times have you asked about how to improve your balance or about how to do a more elegant embellishment? Or how about those enrosques that you have been wanting to try? All of these and more are possible when you understand your own body and have a technique to build upon.
I have found that taking technique classes helps me to find my own axis and to be clear about it on my own. It allows me the time and space to make connections to things in my dance that get blurred when working within the couple: like the relationship of my arms to my pelvis, for example. What? They are related??? See!

If you need more information contact Rommel 928-301-5215. I can only encourage you to support the improvement of your dance and take advantage of these 2 great teachers.

And lastly – $50 for the Friday class and practica and we will include the Saturday milonga. It all happens at Bond Hall at SNAP 4425 N. Granite Reef Rd. Scottsdale, AZ.


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