Reflections on Tango

A Modern Tango class

In Saturday’s intermediate workshop I tackled the idea of dancing to modern tangos and I specifically was referring to a few bands that relate themselves to tango in some way ie: remixing, or through lyrics vs alternative music that you may decide to tango to.
The result of that class left students with a desire for 1) the playlist I used in class 2) the resources I mentioned in class and 3) a video (not of me!)

I begin with the playlist

Modern Class Playlist 0613I struggled with the image but hopefully you can make out a few songs and their artists. In a nutshell I used the artists, Otros Aires Dos, Otros Aires Tricota,  Otros Aires 4, Bajofondo Mar Dulce, and Gotan Project Revancha Del Tango.  I decided on these artist and these songs based on the resources that I used to plan the class. (onto 2)
When I think about alternative music for tango I immediately think of 2 main online resources: 1 is Sharna Fabiano’s neotango playlist and 2 is Homer Ladas’s generous contributions online at Here Homer actually includes his playlists from several different milongas. His explanations for how he came up with dj’ing a mix of both golden age and alternative can be found at that link as well.
And lastly, for now!
I have added a video of Chicho y Juana performing to Bajofondo circa 2008. Chicho is remarkable with his musicality, his interpretation of the subtleties of the music and Juana shows us the music through her precision and grace. You will enjoy their live performances when they join us in October 2013. (Get Excited!)

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Those Heels! Footwear Education!

1 Inch Heel

Thanks to the Restorative Institute(TM) for supplying picture.

Thanks to my recent certification in Whole Body Alignment I can share this picture with you.

See the woman on the far left, she is standing perfectly aligned. All of her alignment markers in their proper places. She is standing perfectly vertical. Her human machine should function perfectly! (if she indeed were not a picture and a human!) The woman on the far right just put on a pair of heels – and not even a fancy pair of the high heels from CIF or Soy Porteña.

Do you see how she now veers from the vertical plumb line? Where do you see the adjustments that her body needs to make to wear those heels? In the knee? Or maybe in the lower back? Or maybe her mid-to upper back? What about her neck?

These are all the places that take the brunt of wearing those high heels. And not to mention the foot pain or the plantar fasciiatis, or neuromas, bunions, or metatarsalgia that she may acquire over time.

From a 1999 study from the Journal of Podiatric Medecine by Mandato and Nestor, the pressure on the forefoot increases 63% in a 2″ shoe. On a 2001 poster from the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons entitled Women’s Shoes and Knee Osteoarthritis by D. Casey Kerrigan, Jennifer Lelas, and Mark Karvosky, the statistics are as follows: with a 1″ heel the pressure on the forefoot increases 22%, in 2″ 57%, and in 3″ there is 76% increase in pressure on the balls of the feet. NO WONDER OUR FEET HURT! and our backs, and our knees, and our necks, etc… Also, the higher the heel the shorter the tendons get and we experience heel pain. This altered position of walking in high heels places excess forces on the inside of the knee too. The knee joint pressure increases 26% when wearing heels.

For any men out there reading this, you too have heels in your dress shoes. This applies to you too!

Are you panicking? Does this mean that Daniela is promoting barefoot tango dancing from now on? Does this mean you have to sell all those high heels and trade-off sexy?
(pause for dramatic effect)

NO of course not!
Phew! right?
But what I will begin to encourage you to do is to decide what you are going to do for yourself post the tango dancing high. After the long weekend of a festival, or during the festival, or after dancing at your local milongas with your favorite dancers. What are you going to do to restore yourself?

You can refer to my blog with my Foot Care Toolkit. AND also check out Katy Bowman’s book Every Woman’s Guide to Foot Pain Relief: The New Science of Healthy Feet
Stay tuned for an upcoming list and explanation of exercises designed for tango dancers and their whole bodies.

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This Weekend and Next: Workshops for Everyone!

Join Daniela Borgialli for weekend workshops.

For Intermediate / Advanced Dancers
June 22 & 29
June 22 – The Rhythmic Orquestas & How to Dance to Them
June 29 – The Modern Tango vs the Golden Age
12:00 – 1:30pm
Classes held at Rhythmic Expression 617 S. McClintock Dr. Ste 3, Tempe, AZ (Just north of University on the East side of McClintock. Look for McClintock Center)
$15/ class
PLEASE register in advance so I can balance the class and save you a spot! Call 480-442-9550 or email me!

AND tell your friends about the

June 22 & 29
1:30 – 3:30
Tango Immersion for Beginners including those with no prior dance experience. IS THAT YOU?
$40 for 4 hours of instruction
Classes held at Rhythmic Expression 617 S. McClintock Dr. Ste 3, Tempe, AZ (Just north of University on the East side of McClintock. Look for McClintock Center)


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RES Certified with an Offer for You

I have been recuperating from an intense week of certification to become a RES-CPT (Restorative Exercise Specialist TM – CertifieRestorative Exercised Personal Trainer).

For those who have taken class with me, know that I am very interested in how the body works, interested in health and movement, and moving safely. (As safely as we can in 4″ heels!)

My love for movement started when I was a toddler, jumping off my tricycle and hanging upside down. After ice skating, gymnastics, track, swimming, ballet, I found my first modern dance class. Just after college I took a course called Anatomy for Dancers with Sarah White, who worked at the Massage School in Boston, MA. This was the first of many courses in Anatomy and Kinesiology that I would take.

I was fortunate to have a modern dance teacher in Cambridge, MA, Marcus Schulkind, who was very concerned with alignment. I was encouraged to drop my ribs, and put my head on my spine, and our measurement of being aligned was if we could balance in releve. (1 leg up and the standing leg on the ball of the foot). I spent some time traveling to NYC to study with Susan Klein, and her objective was to get our hamstrings as long as possible by hanging over our legs for very long periods of time. Along with the hanging we were learning to find and utilize a very strong and long muscle called the psoas. In graduate school at ASU I took Anatomy and Kinesiology and several other courses from Pam Matt, who I will begin to work with again in the fall. So no wonder my path has found me at Katy Bowman’s virtual doorstep.

Katy’s Restorative Institute teaches alignment for health. She is a biomechanist and the focus of alignment is for health and wellness. You can read more about aligning your body on her blog

The RES Program includes the understanding of how the body works at a cellular level, muscular and skeletal level. We know being alive is about regenerating tissues, generating cells. We know that oxygen is food for all of our cells and if you’re not moving then that area is vulnerable to disease. In the RES program great all over body movement is walking and moving as much of your body throughout the day. Think about a little head hanging or a hand stretch. We want our body to work optimally for as long as possible. So we want to load those bones properly, we want our muscles at their correct length and we need to move.

The program starts with the 1A protocol: the basic foundation for the rest of the 50+ exercises!!!  The 1A protocol introduces the language and some of the alignment markers that are the foundation for the rest of the program. I know that my father has been doing the protocol for a few months and has already seen some measurable results. The 1A protocol has an emphasis on lengthening our posterior leg, think  lengthening our hamstrings. We need this posterior strength to be able to hold our bodies up and to be able to walk properly, without falling.

My week consisted of 6 private sessions with Master Teacher Trainers, sessions with Katy and Master Teacher Trainers, a written test, and a one-hour practicum on 2 different volunteers. Phew! I lengthened my hamstrings, dropped my ribs, expanded my scapula, and lengthened my psoas. It was a tremendous week.

For the rest of the month of June I am offering 40 minute 1A protocol semi-private sessions at my home studio in Tempe. I am offering them on the following Monday and Wednesday evenings the 17th, 19th, 24th, 26th. You must reserve your spot in advance. Limited to 4 people. Bring yoga mat and a towel (or I will provide). Wear comfortable clothes. $10 per person.
Available times are
6pm – 6:40pm
7pm – 7:40pm
8pm – 8:40pm.
First come first served.
Call me at 480-442-9550 or send me an email. I will call you to confirm your spot.

Come join My Alignment Practice…

Next blog – how alignment and tango (or any dance) work together…



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Leading Ladies Workshop


Enough ladies have expressed an interest in learning how to lead – so here we go! This workshop is for ladies who want to learn to lead. This workshop will introduce leading skills and dispel any myths around leading. It will also give insight and improve your skills as a follower.
It will be a great time and if we want to continue to pursue this topic I have some great ideas!!!

12:00pm – 2:00pm
Rhythmic Expressions 617 S. McClintock Dr. Ste 3, Tempe, AZ (Just north of University on the East side of McClintock. Look for McClintock Center)
Bring flat shoes and a towel.

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