The Living Room Sessions in Berlin

susanne Triepel

Susanne Triepel

The Living Room Sessions in Berlin with Susanne Triepel & Daniela S. Borgialli

Practical lessons for life and tango!
For the tango enthusiast who is looking for something a little different. The living room is a gathering space to discuss topics relating to tango and health, the body, technique, history, music, connection, embrace, community, and even more. No topic is off limits. We also practice together – the idea is to share knowledge in a small intimate group, to have fun, to learn and to grow in our tango.

about us:

Susanne says about Daniela: I fell in love with her dancing at first sight. She had so much fun – and there was a great connection between her and her dance partners. Daniela has a great sense of humor and is a gifted teacher! She has a profound knowledge about the body and was trained by Graciela González. How this concept was born: I helped her during a class. My role was translator, but as I like to talk, I added some comments for the students – e.g. my personal views and experiences as a dancer.

Daniela S. Borgialli

Daniela S. Borgialli

Daniela says about Susanne: I was immediately attracted to Susanne’s wit. I think she’s the Berlin Tango Scene’s funniest person, as we know sometimes in Tango we have to keep our sense of humor! Also writer of a successful fabulous blog, Not Yet A Guru, she is an articulate and compassionate woman. I am excited that after much chatter we came up with the idea for The Living Room sessions.

RSVP only

10€ (donation for host and presenter fees)

We gather in a living room – therefore attendance is through RSVP

If you are interested in attending and are on Facebook please join the Living Room Sessions group and you will receive notices as to when the next one will be. Or fill out the form below and we will let you know the schedule.

30, SEPTEMBER 19:00 “How to Hug the Giant (no matter what size they are)

We will look at the structure of the shoulder girdle and ribs and how it plays into our ideas of embracing in the dance. Embracing also involves our heart – literally or metaphorically.
We aim for the “caramel double chocolate will-you-marry-me-hug”. Yes, that is possible! How to get an idea of this and what simple exercises will help you to feel the difference. This session is open for both roles! We discuss what is a good embrace for followers/leaders – and we hug, of course.

9, SEPTEMBER 19:00 “It’s All In Your Feet Lady” 

The first of our Fall series – We will start with an individual look at our bare feet, how we stand, walk. We will continue with exercises and suggestions for foot care maintenance and then take a look at our high heels. Daniela is a Healthy Foot Practitioner and will lead us on this topic – bring your questions too.