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Kay Bowman Workshop in Phoenix – April

I just mentioned the website Aligned and Well in my last blog and the author is coming to town. That’s right! Katy Bowman will be Katy Bowman Workshopconducting a workshop at Kinesphere Studio in Phoenix on April 17th 5pm – 8pm.

Solving the Back Pain Problem:
Understanding the physics of the sacrum, pelvis and everyday movement
80% of the Western World has a problem with low back pain — pain that is created by HOW we use our pelvis and lumbar spine throughout the day. Understanding the anatomy and how your pelvis, pelvic floor, and spine interact with the forces created by sitting, standing and walking can significantly improve this issue! Common misconceptions of “good posture”, certain movements and even footwear all place a load on this susceptible area. Take a course in YOU — your body will thank you!

This special, one-time workshop is open to everyone, novice or professional, young or mature.
Sign up now at (space is limited) or call 602-532-3111 for more information.

I am sure this will be a fantastic workshop. I am looking forward to more information to help our bodies and to keep us dancing!





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