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Norway 2017

I have returned from an extraordinary weeklong stay in Norway. I went to connect with former students and to meet new ones!

This particular part of Norway is quite rainy. Even though it is summer time I had checked the weather reports. They had had a record of straight rainy days for the month of June. (versus August or another month!!!) So I assured them I would bring some sun! And we did have at least one most spectacular warm sunny day. I spent that day with a new tango friend. A fabulous Leading Lady herself, she invited me to her exciting place of work: Troldhaugen, the former home of pianist / composer, Edward Grieg. Amazing. I experienced a lunchtime concert with the fabulous pianist, Tor Espen Aspaas, who shared stories and quotes from Grieg’s life to accompany the 10 short pieces he played for us. I was so moved (yes, to tears!). After the concert, we sat and had coffee with him. What a most special treat! To discuss music in a beautiful setting, outside, it was amazing. And the day just kept getting better and better.

The tours through this small museum, composer hut, concert hall, and Grieg’s house include guides with musical talents! One minute there’s a 15 minute “About my favorite piece” segment where a lovely young tour guide sang to us her favorite Grieg piece accompanied by my lovely new friend on piano. She then explained the piece of music: the motifs, the structure, her thoughts around the piece. It was fantastic. Then later in the Grieg’s home tour, another lovely tour guide accompanied by one of Grieg’s Steinway pianos in the living room sang another song to the tour group!!! WHAT AN AMAZING PROGRAM! This to me was the epitome of a musical experience! It really brings Grieg to life! A Must do if you ever go to Norway for a visit.

We finished off this part of the day with a 360 view from the top of Grieg’s home on the widow’s walk where Grieg’s wife used to have her plants! This was a special treat, don’t expect that on your tour if you do go!!! The day would not have been complete without some tango on the gorgeous wood performance space in the concert hall!

After that luxurious experience, 30 hours of private lessons, and packed group class, I will add that my Tango soapbox about embrace continues. The emphasis for the dancers (of all levels really) was to bring awareness to the connection through their embraces. There’s a lot of 1 sided embraces in Europe and both sides of the body need to be engaged in our dancing.

The week ended with my first attendance at an Encuentro. Another word for 150 tango friends from all over gathered for a milonga all weekend, with strict rules of etiquette enforced. And I’ll leave that for another blog!

Off to Berlin! and enjoy the pictures!

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