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Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

Wishing you many more amazing tandas for the New Year!

Rommel has joined me in Austin, TX to share Christmas with my parents. Prior to our visit Rommel contacted a local organizer, teacher/dancer, Daniela Arcuri, who so graciously organized a couple of classes for us and opportunities for us to perform. The Austin community was a part of my baby years in learning tango as my parents moved there just before I began to learn Argentine Tango. Coming to visit them usually included tango events throughout the years. This was very special to share tango with the community from a different perspective, that of teacher and performer. We have had a lot of fun and as always, the Austin community is just so nice. We really appreciate and are grateful to Daniela Arcuri for organizing and welcoming us. It was wonderful to hear Daniela’s stories of her beginnings in tango with los Dinzel and so many of those we have studied with are also her colleagues from, really, what could be called the Renaissance of tango as we know it today.
I have to also mention that we attended the practica on Sunday night and it was awesome! Dancers of all levels attended and everyone danced around! So wonderful to see a group take advantage of this opportunity to  practice their tango!

See you back in Phoenix!


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