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Golden Age Tango Music Starter Kit

My friend and tango colleague, Sharna Fabiano, in Washington DC sent around to find out what songs teachers and DJ’s would recommend for beginners and newbies to tango.  “Becoming familiar with the rhythms and cadences of authentic tango dance music is an important part of the learning process! We believe this music will help you on your way and bring you closer to success and enjoyment on the dance floor. There are dozens of compilation CDs out there already, but none that specifically focus on the new tango dancer. With digital downloads of these songs now available, we were able to pick the best of the best from many compilation CDs and create this list–which has no filler or hard-to-dance-to songs. These selections are all songs that you will hear in classes and in milongas around the world.”

Go directly to Sharna’s site and from there you can purchase and download this compilation of 24 songs.  AND DEAR STUDENTS, MANY will be recognized from our classes!

I think this is a great idea – enjoy!

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