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The Tangasm

What is a Tangasm you ask? It is the magic of the Argentine Tango connection. The wonderful buzz one gets from a very magically connected dance. That thing that draws you back obsessively to the dance: to hours of dancing, to traveling from festival to festival, then from continent to continent, just to get more of it! Everyone gets them!

One of my students recently recounted her first tangasm with a particular dancer. (It appears that this particular dancer has worked his magic on many a lovely lady!) She says she was dancing with him and she describes losing herself, that time didn’t matter, it was just the two of them and the music, and she had the experience of moving circularly, and she said very matter-of-factly, “I felt like a princess”.

Another dancer told me that she always thought of herself as Bella, another princess, when she danced. So maybe the reverse is true too, that you can imagine yourself a princess and then the tangasm comes!

Does your tangasm make you feel like a princess?

Jesica Arfenoni, the 2013 World Argentine Tango Salon Champion will be in town starting Monday March 3rd, I’ll be sure to ask her if she feels like a princess! And maybe she’ll do a special class for us ladies – I’ll keep you posted!


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