The Anatomy LAB – Dancing Anatomy for Tango Dancers

The Anatomy LAB – Dancing Anatomy for Tango Dancers

Bringing Science to Facilitate a Better Understanding of the Art Form

Designed for Tango Dancers – The Anatomy Lab is an interactive discovery course in 4 parts

This 4 hour Anatomy Lab is a workshop divided into 4 segments looking at, how as a dancer, an understanding of our body can improve our dancing.

I.  Walking – Our Feet
II. Our Legs and Pelvis
III. Turning – the Spiral
IV. Embrace – Our Arms and Shoulders

Human Anatomy

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This course combines all my loves – biomechanics, movement and tango.

How we dance and our lifestyles perpetuate our body related ailments. By using an alignment model we can see how the body would function most efficiently and how to relate it to dancing tango. The biomechanical alignment model will be a point of reference for us as we discover how our tango posture relates to it.

The emphasis is on the musculoskeletal system – the bones and some of those muscles that move them.

Course Description

We begin with THE FEET. Offering my expertise as a “Healthy Foot Care Practitioner” you will leave with exercises to take care of your feet. Have you been told to quit tango because of your feet issues? What about questions like why do my feet hurt after one tanda? Bunions? We will address those too.

From the Feet we move to the Legs and their relationship to the Pelvis, often referred to as the center of the body. The Pelvis will be spoken about in relation to the Ribcage. This is a very important relationship and understanding it will add to your dancing and your overall health.

Spiraling will take us deeper into our body as a way to tap into cross lateral movements. There is no wonder that our genes are made of spiraling helixes!

AND FINALLY – tying it all together with our EMBRACES. An understanding of the arms and their connection to the shoulder girdle will open space to create a better connection. There will be tools and exercises to help with the embrace. Do you wonder why your back and/or neck hurt? We will address these questions and more.

This course is a movement journey.
You will be given handouts looking at the body and the musculoskeletal system to help you follow along in the course.
You will be moving so wear comfortable clothes and bring tango shoes and a notebook if you would like to take notes.

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