Day 4 – THE FINALS – US Argentine Tango Competition 2014

Day 4 – THE FINALS – US Argentine Tango Competition 2014

This has been quite a journey, most definitely another adventure in my life. 4 years ago Rommel and I came to dance at the first US Tango Salon Competition in SF sanctioned by the Ministry of Culture of Buenos Aires. We did not train, we did not practice, I was not happy about it and definitely conflicted. I did not do my hair or wear anything extra ordinary, just black. There were maybe 20 or 25 couples. I think we came in 5th…. We then began to investigate further into this style, this genre. Each year I never thought I would do it again but Rommel kept his desire alive. He really wanted this journey and it turned out to be a great way to improve both of our dancing and both of our understanding of the dance form in a much deeper way. We took classes with many different teachers, all of whom we are most deeply thankful for their time and expertise, most influential being Maximiliano and Jesica who believed in us and pushed us in ways I did not think possible. But I wanted to also thank those teachers who worked with us in the last 4 years from the beginning of this journey: mi maestra, Graciela Gonzalez; Santiago Croce and Amy Lincoln; Los Totis Virginia y Christian Marquez; Brian Nguyen and Yuliana Basmajian; Andres Bravo y Carolina Jaurena; and Diego Ortega y Aldana for being so inspiring. There are also a handful of milongueros who we were honored to study with in Buenos Aires in 2012. I have been able to see how each of these teachers were perfect for us at the time. Each contributing to our foundation of relearning this dance.

I took my first Argentine Tango class as a proclaimed modern dancer and choreographer in 1998 and if then, you had told me I would be here now I would have probably laughed, there is no way I would have believed you.

Thank you Rommel Oramas for this tremendous journey and for these amazing experiences at the finals of the US Argentine Tango Salon Championships 2011 – 2014.
We came in 5th out of 16 couples in the finals. Here are the videos. AND YES, our many fans were astounded and shocked that we did not make the top 3. Several of the judges commented on how lovely our dancing was. We had a woman run up to us after and tell us how moved she was by our presence entering the floor and our dancing. Hey – maybe this is all about the fans and not about winning…. thanks everyone for your support!
(PS – same dress, same number #101, different hair and different earrings!!!)

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Day 3 – US Argentine Tango Semi-Finals

Day 3: the Semi-Finals. We were in round 3 and remained #101. We had 3 lovely songs to perform to by the following orchestras: Di Sarli, Troilo and Pugliese. There were 25 total couples that were pared down to 16 couples that will go to the finals tomorrow.

We made it! Keiko did my hair a little differently again tonight and I chose different earrings but kept the same blue dress. I think our dancing went well but could have been better. I was tired today. I am looking forward to a good night’s sleep and spending some time preparing again tomorrow.

Here are the videos of our songs and a short clip with the announcement of our moving on to the Finals tomorrow.

Hair by Keiko Day 3Keiko and Daniela Day 3With Jesica Arfenoni

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Day 2 US Tango Salon Competition 2014

Day 2: End of the Qualifying Rounds 25 Couples moving on to the Semi-Finals.

Rommel and I spent an hour early in the day practicing. I had another fabulous doo by Keiko of Kibuki Hair and Skin.
I decided to wear the same outfit in order to remind the judges of who I was! And I was advised to really go for it… so we did!

Rommel and I made it to the semi-finals. We are 1 of 25 couples moving on. All the Arizona competitors have passed to the Semi-finals. Way for AZ to represent!!!

Rommel was having a conversation with a colleague, a fabulous teacher and beautiful performer, who has been 1 of our fans the last 2 years. He said to Rommel, “Do the judges know what tango salon is? Because of all the couples I see dancing you are the ones who are dancing ‘tango salon’. Maybe the judges need to decide what it is first!” This has been a problem over the years and I too have commented on this in the past. (see previous blogs on tango competition).

So we proudly dance onward!

Hair doo Day 2day 2 with David and Jennifer from Austin

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Day 1 of US Salon Competition 2014

Rommel Oramas and I are back in San Francisco for the US Tango Salon Competition. This is our 4th Rommel 101year and we are excited to be here. The Marriott where the event is held is always friendly and comfortable.
We also enjoy coming because we see tango friends that we see every year, so it’s a tango reunion of sorts.
This year there are 43 couples competing in Tango Salon! That’s great!
There are 100 couples participating overall this year – there are 14 couples in the Stage Category and they also have additional categories this year for Senior Salon and for Group Choreography.
We are number 101 this year. And the first 2 nights we will dance in Round 4 – the 4th and last group to dance.
I decided this year to have my hair done by a fabulous hairdresser, Keiko of Kabuki Hair and Skin, here in San Francisco. She was amazing. I received so many compliments on my hair

.Updo Day 1
Blue Dress
Day 1 R & D

They did not eliminate anyone after this 1st round, which means everyone continues tomorrow.

This year Rommel and I prepared and practiced a lot. We are feeling confident and hopeful that the judges will see us as champions, finally, this year!

This year the competition will not be streamed live. So I will try my best to give updates, share pictures and video.

Day 1 Round 4 videos

See you tomorrow!


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This Weekend April 12 and 13

Leading Ladies MarchThere’s another Leading Ladies Workshop on Saturday April 12th at 12:00pm – 1:30pm at the Solana TangoRoom. $15.Patrice and Amanda
Come see why these followers are dancing more and we have fun!
The next Leading Ladies will be on Friday, May 2nd at 7:00pm.

I have openings for Private Sessions for a couple or a single person of any level this Sunday, April 13th at
12:00pm – 1:00pm
1:00pm – 2:00pm
3:00pm – 4:00pm

Please call me (4804429550) or  Email Me if interested.


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