Off to Buenos Aires!

Off to Buenos Aires!

Our flight will take us through Dallas and then on to Buenos Aires. We will arrive on Thursday morning. We have a couple of weeks to train and get more ready!

The competition schedule is as follows:

For Salon TangoTango Buenos Aires Festival and Dance World Cup  2012_
Qualifying Rounds: August 20 and 21, 2012, at Centro de Exposiciones.
Semifinal: August 24, 2012, at Centro de Exposiciones.
Final: August 27, 2012, at Luna Park Stadium.

The registration happened online this year and ended yesterday. I am sure there will be a statistic soon as to how many people will be competing this year.

It has also been arranged that Rommel and I will be performing, along with the 1st place winners of the US Tango Salon Competition at the milonga Salon Canning on August 28th. We are very much looking forward to all of this adventure.

Looking forward to the upcoming blogs……


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Saturday in Flagstaff

Argentine Tango Workshop & Milonga
Saturday, July 28, 2012 in Flagstaff, AZ
With Daniela Borgialli and Rommel Oramas

Workshop at Human Nature Dance Studio
1:00-2:30 pm Social Sacadas (Intermediate/Advanced)
2:30-4:00 pm All about Turning the Giro (Intermediate/ Advanced)
Cost: $15 per afternoon class

Class & Milonga at Canyon Dance Academy
7:00-8:30pm Class-New Fundamental Ideas (All Levels)
8:30-11:00pm Fundraising Milonga
Cost: $15 for evening class and milonga

Bring your checkbook if you want make a separate, tax-deductable donation to help Daniela and Rommel compete in the World Tango Championship in August

Please bring snacks to share during the milonga
For more information or to set up a private instruction contact Nancy Williams at 928-213-0239 or
Human Nature Dance Studio, 4 W. Phoenix Street, Flagstaff, Arizona
Canyon Dance Academy, 2812 Izabel Street, Flagstaff, AZ

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Special Weekend with Los Totis

Thanks to everyone who came to the weekend workshops and to the Special Milonga last weekend. What a treat to have this caliber of Viriginia y Christian y classdancing and instruction in the Phoenix area and to be 1 of 3 cities on their first visit to the US. SPECTACULAR!

A few comments were:

“They far exceeded my expectations.”

“I was so impressed with them.”

” I have always appreciated the quality of the events you put on and this was exceptional.”

We had an amazing experience with Christian and Virginia. The classes were not too big which allowed for them to go around the room to each couple and help them individually with their questions. Their teaching dynamic as a couple is very fluid – I am so impressed by this. They are calm and on the same page as they take turns in sharing information about the Virginia y Christian in Classsubject matter without taking too much time to get the points across.

Rommel and I spent 6 hours further training with them to enhance our tango for the Salon Tango Championships which are now about 2 weeks away! We have learned so much and have grown from each teacher we have had the pleasure to work with . The journey has presented us with teachers/guides/mentors who have helped us further understand aspects of Argentine Tango and its music. It is incredible.

Back to Los Totis – I am reminded again and again from this workshop weekend, about the clarity and integrity of the embrace, which is so important; which means connection; which ties into the synchronicity of this dynamic partnership; which to me means that the tango couple works together to create the steps, the lines, the music; which in turn translates to clarity of intention and lead. I always have a huge amount of respect for our dance when I interact with a couple like los Totis… The precision of what they do with such clarity and beauty is an artform.

Los Totis and UsWe will be catching up with them again in Buenos Aires in a few weeks. I am very much looking forward to our continued friendship and tango growth with them.






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I can’t even begin to tell you how exciting it will be to have this couple with us for workshops and for an evening of amazing performances.

Rommel and I first saw Virginia and Christian dance by accident at a Practica in Buenos Aires. We were on 1 of our tango tours and Virginia y Christianthe students were a little tired so we decided to change the itinerary and go to a practica. We didn’t know much about the scene or that there would be a performance. I remember that I was so impressed by Christian and Virginia precision and line, not to mention their exquisite musicality.

The next couple of years we called on them to teach group classes to our tour group. In deciding teachers for the groups I invite teachers who we won’t see in the US or who we haven’t seen yet. Virginia and Christian have always been a perfect match for our groups. They teach like they dance, precise and generous. They are calm and kind.

We have admired their dancing since then. Rommel particularly likes Christian’s musicality and enrosque turns. These seem to be his signature move. We are so excited to have them in our city and we hope that you will not miss out. I have been getting emails from several organizers throughout the US who wish that they could have this exquisite couple in their city. We are 1 of ONLY 3 stops on their visit to the US.

I promise that you will not be disappointed. Come see them perform at the milonga on Saturday July 14th.

The weekend looks like this:

5 Unforgettable Intermediate/Advanced Workshops

Friday  7:30pm to 9:00pm Vals

Saturday  1:00pm to 2:30pm Milonga I
3:00pm to 4:30pm Milonga II

Special Milonga 9:00pm to 1:00am (includes performances by Los Totis)

Sunday  1:00pm to 2:30pm Enrosques, Sacadas y mas
3:00pm to 4:30pm Virginia’s choice

WHERE: SNAP in the Large Bond Hall of the SCUCC
4425 North Granite Reef Road Scottsdale, AZ

Full weekend pass ONLY $150.00
Individual class $45
Saturday or Sunday day pass $80 (not including the Special Milonga)
Special Milonga with Show $15

(limited private lessons available)


Christian y Virginia in Russia




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About Embellishments

Many of you have heard me speak about embellishments and most followers are dying to figure out how to include them in their dancing. Followers Embellishments 1My experience is that leaders take their time in their excitement to learn these. (Maybe because they are called embellishments!) Sometimes there’s confusion as to what is an embellishment and what’s a led movement.

Recently I was pointed to an article on embellishments that I will reference here, another blog with insights from tango maestra, Olga Besio.  I particularly like this article as it paints a beautiful picture of the notion behind embellishments and it is a very holistic approach to embellishing which I think we can all strive for. In the meantime…..

I find that often students ask how to embellish. We see other dancers embellish and we remark on the expressiveness of the embellishment. And possibly even notice it as a movement that looks independent of the dance, as if all you see is the embellishment. My preference would be that I don’t notice the embellishment as a separate entity from the dance but that it appears to belong there in the meaningful exchange between leader and follower.

In the sited blog the embellishment is spoken about as an emerging expression from an understanding of the dance as a dialog and I totally agree. But I also understand the beginner follower’s desire to explore the possibilities.

With my students (in the US) I experience followers (more than the leaders) who want to embellish sooner rather than later or they are Followers Embellishments 2nervous or even fear trying to tackle adornos, as they are also called. I realize that the blog article doesn’t promote followers copying or having leaders wait for a follower to embellish, however, as a teaching tool, I think it is helpful for followers (and leaders) to model the behavior of possibilities. I am known to encourage followers to watch others and experiment with ideas to create their own toolbox of embellishments. I also think that with practice and with awareness through our growth in the dance we begin to fully understand how an embellishment can emerge from our bodies as a result of listening to our partner and the music. What magic to see an adorno materialize from dancers as a reflection of the music, their communication and their passion.

Most commonly teachers refer to embellishments as something to be done only with the feet and the legs. Many teachers also encourage them to include any part of the body. I recall dancing with a follower who had quite a repertoire of body embellishments. She wiggled and wagged and swam in my arms for an entire tanda. I found it quite distracting at the time. Who knows what she thought of my leading but my experience was that I was letting her have a monologue of expression as opposed to a dialog. Maybe I missed out or maybe we just chose to express and share differently.

What do you think of embellishments?

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