Daniela Borgialli is a fabulous teacher who truly understands people! Her classes are meaningful and fun. I have learned so much from her and tango too!

My passion for Tango will inspire you!

IN BOSTON August 16 – November 4th

STARTING October 10th
@ Dance Union 16 Bow Street Union Square Somerville, MA
4 weeks
Tuesdays –  7:45pm – 9:30pm
“Complex Combinations for the Social Dance Floor” 
class consists of the technique that Daniela loves to share and how it is necessary in more complex tango figures. We will work on combinations that include sacadas, boleos, ganchos, volcadas…. 



What do you want more of in 2018?

Let Daniela help you get there. More dances? An assisted trip to Buenos Aires? What about a Tango Vacation with me in Europe???? Better understanding of your body? Video feedback? Let’s get there together!


Daniela BorgialliAbout Daniela

Teaching Argentine Tango is her full-time profession. Trained as a dancer, she creates dancers.

Learn to Dance tangoClasses

Learn to tango through a wide variety of class levels or private lessons designed with you the student in mind.

Argentine TangoArgentine Tango

A passionate dance that originated in the late 1800’s amongst immigrants, has had a resurgence of interest amongst many around the globe today. Learn more about the evolution of this dance form.

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