Daniela Borgialli is a fabulous teacher who truly understands people! Her classes are meaningful and fun. I have learned to tango thanks to her.

Teaching Argentine Tango and Restorative Exercise (TM)

Join Daniela for a 3 part Workshop: “Lo que pasa en el abrazo se ve en el piso”.  22, August, 5 September, 19 September
Flyer el Ocaso Workshop

Daniela BorgialliAbout Daniela

Teaching Argentine Tango is her full-time profession. Trained as a dancer, she creates dancers.

Learn to Dance tangoClasses

Learn to tango through a wide variety of class levels or private lessons designed with you the student in mind.

Argentine TangoArgentine Tango

A passionate dance that originated in the late 1800’s amongst immigrants, has had a resurgence of interest amongst many around the globe today. Learn more about the evolution of this dance form.

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