Learn Argentine Tango with Daniela S. Borgialli

Why Study with Me?

  • The Whole Body Approach – With this approach you discover the ease in movement. Tango can be easy.
  • Knowledge of Learning Styles – The student comes first and your learning journey will be filled with a vast “tool basket” to suit your needs.
  • Because “It’s not About the Steps” – This is true, it is not JUST about the steps (or figures as we call them), it’s about the embrace, the music, the ritual, the etiquette that encompasses and encapsulates the art and passion of the Argentine Tango.
  • My Proven Successful Methodology – With over 20 years of teaching experience across United States, Europe and Argentina, and nurturing communities, I create dancers not just students.

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Portland, OR
January 10 – 14 & January 29 – February 4th

JANUARY 14 – 29, 2018
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I am available for private classes, workshops, lectures, and your special events. Email ME directly for fees for private and semi-private sessions. Private lessons are a faster route to learning Argentine Tango. Or let us design a package based on your dancing needs. These could include dancing at a festival, milonga or partnering in a dance class.