Beginner’s Playlist

Here is a sample of a possible Beginner’s Playlist.
Depending on what we are doing in class, I do tend to play a lot of Carlos Di Sarli and Francisco Canaro, these are the names of orchestra leaders and their orchestras were named after them!
Below you have a screenshot of my beginner’s playlist from my iTunes library. On the left you have the name of the song, in the middle you have the name of the orchestra and on the right, the album that it came from. Some of these you can find on Amazon and on iTunes and now on Spotify and Pandora Radio!
The Tango repertoire is so vast that I always encourage beginning students to find a flavor they like. What I mean by this is, do you like music that reminds you of ocean waves or more like pounding steady rain? (Just examples!) You might enjoy the sounds and rhythms of the Grateful Dead or you might prefer the Beatles. (I’m not trying to date myself but hopefully you get what I’m suggesting.) Not all tango music sounds alike and you will probably not like all tango music, at first, or maybe ever! But I guarantee that the more you listen to it, if you find a sound, an orchestra that you like, the more your tango taste will grow, your dance will expand, and you will enjoy it!
Who are your favorite tango orchestras?

beginners playlist screenshot

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