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Post-England and Visa in Berlin, can you tell what I have been up to? This is a long overdue post, I know. Much has happened!

I spent a few weeks in England, where I attended a festival with my colleague, Stefan (from Wuppertal). The highlights were the scenery; love the English countryside… can you say, green and lovely! I got to hear/see a fantastic tango orchestra from France, Orquesta Silbando, absolutely fantastic! And they were joined by Miguel Di Genova of Otros Aires!! Can you say SMOKING! It was GREAT! And I really enjoyed doing some classes with Stefan, since he and I had never done that before!
I stayed one night in a beautiful B&B in Ardingly (pronounced Ardingl-I). I can’t comment enough about English hospitality. I met so many many nice people while in England! I have a list of people who hosted me and treated me so well in the Bury, Diss, London, and Norwich Tango Communities. It was a genuine pleasure to be there. I look forward to visiting with them all again.

Another fantastic highlight in England was hanging out in London and going to see Bradley Cooper in The Elephant ManI was SO impressed; so much so, that I would see it again. I went with Amanda (Belinda’s daughter – some of you may know her!) – an excellent hostess during my quick stays in London.

I did manage to go dancing in London. (I knew you were all waiting for that!) I had a really nice time. I had all good tandas! I was happy to be recognized by the leaders I wanted to dance with. (I think a birdie might have helped me out a bit, as I remember being asked, “so who do you want to dance with?”) But hey! We could all use a few birdies some times!! My only question would be, why in the world are the milongas so dark???

Back in Germany the great news is: I received a visa to remain in Berlin for 13 months. It officially states in my passport that I can work as a Freelance artist / dance teacher! Fantastic!!! So now the next phase begins. I have to mention that I was on such a high today from this news and it was a bright, sunny, blue-sky day in Berlin, I sat along the Spree in the sun, like a Berliner!

I have found several favorites dancers here in Berlin and my favorite milongas. Now with the nice weather there will be lots of outdoor opportunities to dance as well. I now will put my focus on teaching, finding a place to live, and learning some conversational German!

Remember: I will be in Phoenix in October for workshops. AND I’ll be at the Albuquerque Tango Festival as well.
And finally, I have started to put some attention into my alignment website: My Alignment Practice and will be posting some more interesting blogs soon, as well as reposting some of my colleagues’ blogs.

Keep dancing!

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