Technique: it’s good for you

I promised to do more video blogs so here it is. I am talking about Technique.

It seems to be something that people know is good for them, like spinach, but they would rather hit the dessert table instead! But maybe the conversation should be more around What is Technique? Maybe there is a vague understanding of what is involved with technique or taking a technique class?

In this video I don’t demonstrate so much as I suggest considering what is technique and how it might help your dancing.

Also in this blog I talk about ballet technique vs contemporary technique as well as bring my own definition to the table. I also address the idea of taking technique to inform the body in order to reduce the risk of injury.

I am grateful to my mother for allowing me to share a painting: a reproduction she painted of Friedrich Von Amerling’s painting of Princess Maria von Lichtenstein. He was an Austro-Hungarian Court Portrait Painter in the 19th century. She is adorable and one of my favorite paintings.

I use the term “Old Masters” in the video, as a term my mother has used forever to describe her favorite artists who do mainly portraits and still-life. They were highly prominent artists ranging between the 14th and 19th century.

Ideas for a good video blog topic? A topic that you have been dying to have explained or demonstrated more clearly? Or maybe you are getting confused from all the different things you hear about how to do something specific in tango and you want some suggestions on how to 1) make peace with them or 2) actually understand them and sort them out. SO Please send them to me!

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